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Fake sensuality vs True sensuality

We are bombed everyday with women objectification, we see it on social media, on the news, on TV, movies and books, almost in any kind of content we come across with. Content today is made for men, the important news features them and when a woman shows up as a new, she will be most likely showing her body, in some kind of erotic position and minimal clothing on. That’s how women get attention in our society nowadays. We can say “I will never do that” or “I never did that, women who do it are sluts”, I don’t know about you but I have heard these stereotyped comments many times in my life, but the ugly truth is (thank you movie for so promptly provide me with this spot on expression) that we ALL have done it at some point in our lives, many women still do it today, most likely unconsciously. And why do we do that? Why anyone in a perfect state of mind would do such a disrespectful thing towards themselves? Well, that’s the way we were programmed to behave, we were taught to please others, we soon realized that using our bodies was an easy road to gain some kind of affection, recognition or attention, it was a way to feel safe, secured and love, though we all know that it is an illusion. This is a fake sensuality, a forced one that doesn’t have anything pretty about it, it’s only a service for the masculine world we live in. True sensuality though is a beautiful thing, it comes from within, it breathes you! True sensuality is when we recognized our value and our strength with our heart, it’s when we are using sweat pants and a ponytail and we still feel like a diva, because when we get in touch with our femininity, it shines out, everyone around us can feel it!

Sexual energy is our life force, it’s from where everything comes from so we need to reprogram the way our brains are wired, we need to stimulate and awake this dormant energy and let it spread through out our bodies, let it spread to our emotions, actions and beliefs, let it unleash our creativity and our assertiveness, let it flow us!

I’m not going to just theorize about this subject, we need action ladies, somewhere to start from, that is why I am going to share with you a very powerful tantra exercise that you can do anywhere at any time. For the first time maybe, you can go to a place where you are not going to be bothered, sit comfortably (you don’t need to sit on the mat, just pick up a spot where you feel at ease). With your spine straight, take a long deep breath through the nose and contract your vagina’s muscles at the same time (in sanskrit they call it yoni, I really like the name, but the name for it in our world today is really vagina, no escape from that ladies; sometimes I heard all sort of funny names just to avoid saying vagina, crazy sh*t right? It’s like an insult to her, to us!). Well, back to breathing, so you inhale, contract and hold for a while and then exhale through the mouth making a sound at the same time (it can be any sound you feel right at the moment) and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. When you feel comfortable with this exercise you can practice it anywhere really, these days when I’m on the subway (and you all know how dreadful subway trips can be) I start doing this, I only omit the exhalation sound.

Give it a go, you don’t have anything to lose and then let me know how did it feel in your body. Was it hard? Did you feel wrong doing this? Did shame and guilt pop up?

Work your femininity ladies, it has been repressed way too long now.




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