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Women and the feminine energy

What is it to be a woman? Women have this heavy weight on their psyche from years and years of repressed freedom. From generation to generation, we have been passed this inadequacy, this feeling of not being good enough, this sensation of not being appreciated and, the thing that nobody talks about, the rooted fear… Continue reading Women and the feminine energy

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Fake sensuality vs True sensuality

We are bombed everyday with women objectification, we see it on social media, on the news, on TV, movies and books, almost in any kind of content we come across with. Content today is made for men, the important news features them and when a woman shows up as a new, she will be most… Continue reading Fake sensuality vs True sensuality

Conscious Living, Insights, Our modern society, Sexuality, Women, Yoga

Women and Body Shame

We as women feel so much shame of our bodies, no matter how beautiful they might actually be, they will always be perceived as inadequate. This feeling of shame starts at an early age, taking examples from our closed ones, but as we grow older that same shame really impregnates in our cells and we… Continue reading Women and Body Shame


A special day – Um dia especial

Today I celebrate the most important day of my whole life: the day that I was born! I didn't want to let this date pass in blank here in the blog so I decided to share a little bit of what's going on inside me these couple of days, especially today. One more year has… Continue reading A special day – Um dia especial

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Why do you eat the way you eat? – Porque comes da maneira que comes?

Have you ever stop to think about why do you eat the way you eat? Since we were kids we are taught to eat a certain way and to like certain foods, not only we soon become used to the flavours, smells, textures and tastes, but also we get used to the fact that everyone… Continue reading Why do you eat the way you eat? – Porque comes da maneira que comes?

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My daily pranayama – O meu pranayama diário

I will start posting a series of articles about Yoga that I believe will help you a lot in your daily practice or maybe will help you start your own practice if you are new into yoga. My favorite part of Yoga is, without a shadow of a doubt, the breathing exercises or pranayama, so… Continue reading My daily pranayama – O meu pranayama diário


2018 Selfishness or self-love? – 2018 Egoísmo ou amor-próprio?

2018 here we are! Another year full of potential and possibilities. People are pumped up, writing down their wishes for this coming year, asking to the Universe, to God or to other entities to help them achieve their goals. Many traditions are kept sacred around this turning of the year, people eat raisins in Portugal,… Continue reading 2018 Selfishness or self-love? – 2018 Egoísmo ou amor-próprio?


Final de ano, meditação guiada

E o final do ano está mesmo aí à porta, impressionante como os dias deste 2017 passaram a voar. Foi um ano sem paralelo, foi um ano de muitas conquistas pessoais, mas também de muito crescimento interior. Foi o ano em que comecei a seguir realmente o meu coração e a ser a mulher que… Continue reading Final de ano, meditação guiada


Flowing – Fluindo

I can say that my life changed dramatically this year of 2017, I had lows, highs, moments of anxiety and doubt, moments of pure faith and trust, moments of sadness and dullness and moments of intense happiness and excitement. All these emotions helped me a great deal to overcome my fears and doubts, to learn… Continue reading Flowing – Fluindo